No pain, no gain

by sharpens_you_up

Hong Kong


I am very happy to know that you will come to Hong Kong in July! I hope that we can have a meet that time! Let's go to Ocean Park and YUM CHA together~ Benny said if he can take an official leave, he will also glad to meet you too!


Tomoya, thanks for your kindness at first! However, I know it is too heavy for you to bring me magazine from Japan, in fact I seldom read fashion magazine, hahaha. But anyway, thanks for your kindness. I am big fans of Captain Tsubasa, I have collected all series of its comic, if you see something good related to Captain Tsubasa and not heavy at all, please buy it for me, I will pay you later on. But if your luggages are already enough, no need to bring me any OMIYAGE, we are friends, meeting together is the best gift, right?

by sharpens_you_up | 2006-06-10 21:25 | 旅行